These play days provide basketball teams with the opportunity to play good competition in a good environment.  Each day is a separate session which allows coaches to pick and choose how they want to use their allotted days of summer competiton.  During the 2009 Hoops Plus Team Play Days at Bryan College, there were 30 different teams that participated.  Each day was filled up to capacity so make sure you reserve your spot early.

Session 1:  TBA
Session 2:  TBA
Session 3:  TBA
Session 4:  TBA

  • Martin Methodist College & Local High Schools

Who's Eligible:
Any high school team or club team.  There are separate games for Varsity and JV level teams.

Registration Fee:
  • $125/team; $75 for each additional team (JV, Freshman, 2nd Varsity Team, etc...) per session/day.
  • 3 games are guaranteed for each team each day
  • Full payment must be made by June 1, 2014.
  • Payment made be made by check, money order or cash. Please no individual checks from players or parents.  Checks or money orders should be from the coach or the school.

  • Registration Form (coming soon)
  • Coaches Confirmation Letter (coming soon)
  • Liability Waiver (coming soon)
  • Game Schedules (coming soon)

  • No lodging is provided for teams.  This is a day camp.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate requests from coaches (e.g. game schedule times, opponents, etc...)
  • Each player must complete and sign the appropriate liability waiver and registration form to participate at camp.
  • Hospitality room will be available for coaches and officials.
  • Concessions will be available to spectators, fans and players.
  • Ice will be available for teams to use in case of injury.
  • Secondary insurance is provided for the campers.  Each camper needs to have their own primary insurance

Game Play:
  • Four-9 minute periods
  • Periods will consist of a running clock except for the last 1:00 of each period.
  • The score will be reset to 0-0 at the beginning of each period.
  • Maximum of three minute break for halftime and one minute break between periods.
  • No individual fouls will be kept, however, team fouls will be counted.
  • All shooting fouls will be one free throw to earn 2 points.
  • A foul that occurs on a made basket will result in a good basket and 1 additional point (no free throws) and the other team gains possession of the basketball.
  • A common foul on the floor will result in taking the ball out of bounds. Unless the bonus is in effect.  After 7 fouls, 1 free throw will be shot to earn 2 points.
  • Free Throw rules will apply even in the last 1:00 of each period.
  • Substitutes must "checkin" at the scorer's table and can enter when the action has stopped and the officials call them in.
  • High School Federation rules will apply unless otherwise noted.
  • Staff reserves the right to amend rules for the betterment of the camp and the teams involved.
2014 Girls High School Team Play Days