Sept/Oct. 2013
Tennessee Temple Univ.
Chattanooga, TN
"In coaching college basketball for many years, it is no secret that the key to a good team is the talent.  College coaches often say things like 'you can't win the Kentucky Derby with need thoroughbreds.'  If a coach wants to win at the collegiate level, they need talent.  The recruiting process is very time-consuming.  It has been my good fortune to have success recruiting elite, high-level players.  Many of these players were discovered at showcase events.  Coaches just don't have time to go see each individual player during their high school season.  I highly recommend showcase events both for players and college coaches.  They have been a major part of my recruiting strategy for years."
** Jamy Bechler, Head Basketball Coach
Martin Methodist College

"Thank you for the opportunity and the arena for my daughter to play in front of some fine colleges.  Danielle had a lot of fun and opened her eyes to the competition out their vying for few spots at this level. Keep up the hard work as a lot of girls have no way to reach out to folks like you !! Yes its your job, but I’ve heard some good things about you personally and I feel like you are doing it for all the right reasons. Thanks again."
** Mother of a 2011 Chattanooga Event Participant

"I enjoyed participating in the Showcase. It was a great experience and I have already been contacted. Thank you for allowing me to have this experience. Have a great season.".
**Junior from the 2011 Chattanooga Event

"I really enjoyed the showcase at Chattanooga. I got to speak with Coach Berry from the University of Mobile. We had been talking before your event, but we really had some time to talk at Chattanooga. In fact this coming weekend we will going down to visit the campus and talk with the players and coaches there. Hopefully the extra work I have put in will land me in a good program."
**Senior from the 2011 Chattanooga Event

"I had a really good time playing this past weekend! Thank you so much for inviting me and thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate it."
**Senior from the 2011 West TN event

"Thanks was nice to play with some different players...Thanks for having the Hoops plus showcase!!"
**Sophomore from Alabama attending 2011 Chattanooga event.

"Thank you so much for giving Destiny the opportunity, We look forward to doing more with you.  Please let me know in the future when you do more . We would like for her to enter more as she reaches her senior year, she is only a freshman now so we still have time to shine.  We really enjoyed it . Thanks again".
**Parent of an Alabama freshman at the 2011 Chattanooga event.
Sept/Oct. 2013
Wallace State CC
Hanceville, AL
Sept/Oct. 2013
Host:  TBA
Nashville, TN
Sept/Oct. 2013
Host:  TBA
Location:  TBA
  • Less expensive than most other showcases
  • Well-organized
  • Centralized location to many metropolitan areas
  • Experienced showcase directors
  • College coaches  in attendance
  • Video available
  • No admission fee
  • Designed by college coaches with recruitment as the focal point.
This is the 4th year of Hoops Plus helping make dreams come true with their recruiting showcases.  With college costs escalating every year, earning a college scholarship is increasingly important for a young person and their family.  Basketball can be a wonderful opportunity and avenue to help pay for college, while at the same time fulfilling a lifelong dream of playing college basketball.  Are you interested in earning a scholarship and playing college basketball? Do you want to test your skills against other top-notch high school players?  Do you love basketball?  The Hoops Plus recruiting showcases are an opportunity to have fun playing with and against other top-quality basketball players while displaying your skills and work ethic in front of college coaches. By participating in a Hoops Plus recruiting showcase event, you'll have the opportunity to be seen by recruiters.  Last year, more than 200 players participated with 31 colleges attending the showcases.
  • Taylor Adams; Gadsden State CC (Section HS; 2012 grad)
  • Karlee & Kaylee Akin; University of North Georgia (Model HS; 2013 grads)
  • Kayla Carey; UVA-Wise (Hardin Valley Academy; 2013 grad)
  • Jessica Caudill; University of North Georgia (East Hamilton HS; 2013 grad)
  • Ansley Chilton; University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (Dade Co. HS; 2013 grad)
  • Brianna Farris; Long Island University (Girls Preparatory School; 2013 grad)
  • Tymeria Franklin; Union University (Bolivar Central HS; 2013 grad)
  • Briona Haywood; Georgia Perimeter College (Clay-Chalkville HS; 2013 grad)
  • Mariah Massengill; Eastern Kentucky University (Silverdale Baptist Academy; 2013 grad)
  • Tyler Powers; North Greeneville University (Lenoir City HS; 2012 grad)
  • Jaclyn Reagan; Longwood University (Cumberland Co. HS; 2012 grad)
  • Taylor Robinson; King University (Lenoir City HS; 2012 grad)
  • Milica Savic; College of Central Florida (Hamilton Hts Christian Academy; 2013 grad)
  • Ruta Savickaite; Western Kentucky Univ. (Hamilton Hts Christian Academy; 2013 grad)
  • Chelsey Shumpert; UT-Chattanooga (Paducah Tilghman HS; 2013 grad)
  • Jackilann Street; Bethel University (Bradford HS; 2012 grad)
  • MiShannon Wilbanks; Walters State CC (Red Bank HS; 2012 grad)
  • Erika Woodfin; Reinhardt University (Dade Co. HS; 2013 grad)

All Showcases have been cancelled for 2013. 
We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes.