"Many young people’s lives have been changed through the avenue of athletics.  Sports can teach so many lessons and prepare youngsters to be successful adults.  Thus athletics become so much more than just a means of entertainment.  It is an important educational component of our society.  The idea for Hoops Plus, Inc came out a vision to help teach young people life skills.  Sometimes young people will not listen to a sermon, a class lecture, or their parents but they will listen to a coach or athlete that they admire.  Athletics has a way of bringing people of different backgrounds and cultures together in learning environments.  The Hoops Plus vision was to use basketball as a means to reach out to young people.  The organization is not only committed to serving as a resource and educational tool for youngsters but for coaches as well.  It is our belief that by touching and helping a coach, we therefore help many other youngsters that we’d never get a chance to come in contact with—make a coach better, you therefore make a player better.   We desire that all people would make wise choices in their lives as they attempt to develop a strong code of morals and values.  We felt that it was much more enjoyable to teach kids before they started having problems."

In Hoops,
Jamy Bechler
Founder & President
Hoops Plus, LLC.
Hoops Plus, LLC seeks to serve athletes, coaches and those associated with sports in achieving excellence on and off the playing field.  Hoops Plus, LLC will motivate, inspire and improve life skills and athletic abilities through a number of distinct and productive avenues.  Coaches and Players can find valuable resources in the sections at the top of the website.